Kiah Celeste

Image of a sculpture outdoors. Sculpture is two concrete blocks holding 3 balls together.
Rounded Corners, Pointed Curvesconcrete, exercise balls, glass279 cm x 94 x 100 cmJosephine Sculpture Park, Frankfort KY2020
Image courtesy of Kiah Celeste
An image of a sculpture, outdoors, of two sinks propped up with a rod.
2 Sinkscast iron sinks, copper pipe, rubber211 x 54 x 38cm2020Louisville, KY
Image courtesy of Kiah Celeste
For Nathanwood, vinyl, MDF, pigment on wall2017Brooklyn, NY
Image courtesy of Kiah Celeste
Balance Bathfiberglass bathtub, metal, concrete, tile, glassPreviously located in Abu Dhabi, UAE (now non existent)2019
Image courtesy of Kiah Celeste
A Tumor A Daylatex rubber sheeting, stones, pearlized pins, white sugar pearls, steel pipe86 x 84 x 154cm2020
Image courtesy of Kiah Celeste
Gall Blasscroquet balls, glass, granite, pigment90 x 80 x 18cmPreviously located at Quappi Projects, Louisville KY (now at Great Meadows in Crestwood, KY)2020
Image courtesy of Noah Barker

Improvisational and inquisitive, the work of Kiah Celeste speaks with a bold clarity of voice. An alchemist of the derelict and rejected, Celeste reshapes energy, inviting us to a feast of the senses, by serving ever-lasting-gob-stopper-like tests of natural laws. Celeste's work gives harbor to our sense of touch, evaluates our sense of self and complicates our common sense.

-Ian Carstens

Kiah Celeste

Kiah Celeste is a multi-dimensional artist born and raised in Brooklyn. Her most recent work transforms industrial and painterly forms into abstraction with unconventional recycled materials, variable color and experimentative process to make 3-dimensional works. This practice comes from a self nurtured curiosity and education, although she holds an academic background in photography and art history. Kiah’s conceptual work and research focuses on social stigmas and issues such as the neglect of Black women in America, the lottery business in low income communities, obsession of self in the media, corruption in the medical device industry and gentrification.

Kiah currently lives and works in Louisville, KY.

In addition to being a featured artist with Glass Breakfast you can find the work of Kiah Celeste at and Instagram.

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