Thaniel Ion Lee

black and white inkjet art image
forest dwellersInkjet on paper16" x 20"2016
Image courtesy of artist
black, white and red ink art piece
pyramid I [red, green, blue]Ink on paper30" x 37.5"2010
Image courtesy of the artist
black and white ink art piece
the brotherhoodInk on paper30" x 22"2009
Image courtesy of the artist
Black and white jacket image for sound art piece
sound bodyRecorded soundSide A: 41:36Side B: 38:572018
Image courtesy of artist
Combined photo of six sub photos featuring a person in wheelchair dragging a canvas on a string behind them
canvas dragCanvas and ink jetVariable2013
Image courtesy of artist

Conceptual and multimodal artist, Thaniel Ion Lee creates work that explores the body and the mind. A tenacious and disciplined practice in Louisville has led Lee to numerous solo and group exhibitions. A self described "jack of all trades (master of none)", Lee utilizes 2D, sculptural, aural, conceptual and performance approaches, juxtaposing "unrelated symbols and words to force the viewer to connect concepts that are normally separated in the mind".

-Ian Carstens

Thaniel Ion Lee

A conceptual artist practicing in Louisville, Kentucky. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, Lee has been creating works in a plethora of mediums for their entire life. Focused on the body and mind, Lee uses unrelated symbols and words to force the viewer to connect concepts that are normally separated.

In addition to being a featured artist with Glass Breakfast you can find the work of the Thaniel Ion Lee at

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