Samuel Gathje

An image of a wooden bandsaw box, in a gray background.
Bandsaw Box #1Basswood, Milkpaint, Shellac5 3/4” x 3 1/4” x 3 1/4”2016
Photo by Evan Sowder
An image of a sculpture, made of wood, linen and steel.
BackstaySoft Maple, Linen Thread, Steel3’ x 4’ x 1’ (Dimensions variable)2017
Photo courtesy of the artist
An image of a wooden knife and wooden sheath, with leather, on a gray background.
Sami Style KnifeCurly Birch, Leather, Steel2” x 1 1/2” x 8 1/2”2016
Photo by Evan Sowder
An image of a series of wooden utensils, arranged on a wooden shelf against a white wall.
Kitchen Set(Carved at Holden Village)Alder, Milk Paint, Walnut Oil, OakDimensions variable2018
Photo by Ryan Parker
An image of a leather and wooden chair, sitting in grass.
Roorkee ChairLeather, Quartersawn White Oak, Copper, Steel22” x 22” x 32”2018
Photo by Ryan Parker

Myths are made by the telling. With reverence for heritage traditions of his Scandinavian ancestry as well as his father and grandfather, Sam Gathje’s work beautifully wedges function with form. The material, object and concept are considered as part of a living system. Through heartfelt and earned expertise, Gathje's work continues to brighten the pantheon of craft and art.

-Ian Carstens

Samuel Gathje

Sam Gathje is an artist and craftsperson from Rochester, Minnesota. A third generation carpenter, Sam draws on 13+ years of commercial construction experience in a studio practice that focuses on memory, material, and mark making. He is currently a graduate student and instructor of record at Montana State University.

In addition to being a featured artist with Glass Breakfast you can find Samuel Gathje's work at and on Instagram.